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Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners have been evolved from the basic thump thump thump style of the old Barracuda or Kreepy Krawley to be sophisticated machines that not only move seamlessly and silently around your pool covering all areas, but they can now work with much lower flow which means you can take advantage of energy efficient pumps which can save you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners have not really changed all that much over the last 30 years but lets be honest, did they need to? Cleaners like the Jet Vac or Polaris have long been a staple in the Australian pool industry because they do such a good job and can last a long time with some servicing. The only real downside to them is the cost of running the extra pump to propel them around. If you are building a pool you should always make sure that you make an allowance for a pressure side cleaner because there is still nothing quite like them.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners have hit the Australian market in a big way over the last 10 years. Advancements in design and more competitive pricing makes them a great option for pretty much any pool. With a lot of the market leading brands now offering 2-3 year warranties they are certainly worth considering.

Why not have a chat with us about an automatic cleaner. We can come up with the right fit for your pool and work to a budget. Feel free to give us a call and one of our experienced technicians can talk you through the right option for you. Call 02 9419 6200

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