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Approximately 90% of the filters on Australian backyard swimming pools are your run of the mill media filter. There is a good reason for this. They are simple and reliable! While traditionally media filters have just had sand in them there has been a shift of late to glass media. In most instances the glass is recycled which is great for the environment, but on top of that, the glass media filters your pool water better. Getting into the science of it on here is probably not practical, but there is plenty of research out there to support this.

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Diatomaceous Earth filters have become a thing of the past unfortunately with people’s desire for something more simple to maintain. In our opinion, nothing filters as well as a DE filter but not only are they quite a bit more work to maintain, but they are getting harder and harder to buy these days with most suppliers no longer stocking them. There is evidence to support the theory that glass media filters will filter just as well as DE but one thing is certain, it will not filter as quickly.

Cartridge filters are still quite common in the industry (especially in new pools) but with people desire to not have too much maintenance to do on their pool they will never overtake the ease and convenience of a media filter. With a lower initial cost and less water wastage to clean it (compared to backwashing a media filter) they will always have a place in the Australian market.

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