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Solar Heating

Solar heating is the least greenhouse intensive way to heat your pool. It will allow you to extend your swimming season by a few months, but it won’t provide year-round heat. It’s a great way to take that edge off the chill in the water especially at the start and end of the swimming season.

Gas Heating

Gas heating has always been the heating of choice for most people because you could switch it on and have the pool ready to swim in a matter of hours. Unfortunately gas prices have been rising and rising and it is no longer a cheap way to heat your pool. Still great for little spas and for those that would rather the convenience of that style of heating for their pool.

Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps have been getting more and more popular in the Australian market and there is good reason for that. Don’t let the word “electric” fool you into believing that they are expensive to run. The new generation of electric heat pumps are ultra efficient and in most cases cost half as much to run as a gas heater. Is there a down side? Of course there is! It can take a few days for the pool to heat up to your desired temperature so they are more suited to the sort of swimmers that like to turn the heating on at the start of the swimming season and then off again at the end. After the initial heating up phase the pool pumps normal running time should easily be enough to maintain your desired temperature.

Give us a call to discuss the pro’s and con’s of all of these heating options and we can find a solution that suits your pool and family perfectly. We can also discuss the way that adding a pool cover to your pool will not only halve your heating costs but reduce evaporation too. Call 02 9419 6200

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