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Free Pool Water Testing Services

Pool Doctor Sydney stores offer free comprehensive pool water testing, helping you to understand your chemical requirements. Our pool stores now utilise the BioGuard computerised pool water analysis to ensure the most accurate results from your pool water sample.

Come in with a sample of your swimming pool or spa water and enjoy accurate, FREE water testing, to ensure healthy pool water. Our staff are experienced, trained water chemistry professionals and are ready to help take the guesswork out of your swimming pool and spa maintenance programs.

What you need to bring for free pool water testing:

Fill a clean 600ml bottle with your pool water.
We will enter your pool details into our system. This will allow us to keep a historical record of all your tests, creating a clear picture of the health of your pool and your pool equipment over time.
You will also receive a printed copy of your personalised water sample results with a step by step correction and maintenance guide.

Free Pool Water Testing Sydney

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